Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As mostt know...

Hello people,as usual nothing much happening happening these days.the only notable event was yvonne teo's party on last saturday night.haha,too lazy to blog abt that right now,you can ask her for the party pictures.and As mostt would know by now,i shall be posting if anythings come up or when i feel like it ahaha.As an attempt to keep the blog active XD

I had two tests yesterday.=\ Maths and biology.Maths was ok,had the formula sheet as backup...although ricky copied from me -.-.Think i did alright.Biology is another thing altogether.I took too long to do the structure questions,i almost did not have enough time to finish the essay....omggggg.i hope my essay scores high,its 15 marks O.O 3$^%E^#%$%^#&^*$^$*^&@$!@#@%.Hope my 'leaf' does well....

Today: Had classes till 3.30 today.It is so boring..chemistry especially...stupid theory.Also after today,im considering not to bring my psp to school anymore =\.i lend it to John tee during block 5 and it somehow ended up with ricky....seriously i consider this a breach of trust-.-....i was scared almost to death when i went in for maths class,only to find out that roger did not have it as Tee said that he would pass it to him.!#@%@#^@%$$&$%@#,There was no battery left when i got it back,only eight minutes,ricky must have played it during class.Now im not addicted to playing it but still when a person tells me that he is going to GIVE it back ON THAT SPECIFIC TIMe, i expect it back and NOT passed to someone else.I spent a load of money on that and i am not going to have it confiscated,stolen or broken just like that and so soon, even though that person is going to have to pay for it.You buy something,its rightfully yours,you would how you say...have a feel for the thing you bought.Call this overreacting or exaggerating,i call it saying whats on my mind right now.I seriously hope this is not going to happen again.Tee's a trustworthy person,hope that point of view doesnt change.

On happier notes,albeit a little weird,haha.Some girls were freaking out about a long tailed lizard in one of the lockers near the physic lab.haha,they wont be named,haha =p.the little bugger must have been there the whole morning,haha and yes,they eat insects not grass,maybe seeds and fruits but not grass.XD.
this is all for now


Friday, March 7, 2008

This = fail

I may not be updating this blog for a veeeery long time, I have my reasons and I'm not gonna post it. Furthermore, this blog may be closed in the near future to come because this blogger seems to have troubles which is heavily affecting his future right now. Therefore, this may be the last post (Hopefully not) until my goals are achieved.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

blank o.o

Hey people..haha decided to post earlier this time,in an effort to 'update' the site everynow and then.Still,as of the past few days,nothing big happening.Well, The BEs,teh lower sixes,had their very first day of school on monday which is to say im sure they're very disappointed..haha.Shim tells me the first 2 days they were already complaining =\.Fortunately for them their orientation ends today.haha

Well as i just said,nothing beens happening and its very hard to find post worthy stuff to blog about.haha,About me,well i started using contact lens.>_>.It wasn't that hard now,i found a good way to put them in properly,kinda hard to put them in for the first 2 days.once it even went inside my eyelid,i thought i lost it...haha.oh yeah,currently hooked on my psp..=D monster hunter ..hahaha.Hmmm...now that i think about it,the next week could be more exciting than the daily boring routine of schooldays.Mpr tests are coming soon,nothing like a test to get your body working and brain thinking=\.

Holidays are coming soon as well.But then there are many replacements for tutions which were cancelled this month,-.-,not much of a holiday at all.Still, a person can hope.I have a favour to ask of readers as well,suggest anything that might fill my time and end my boredom when im not studying.,well i have a psp, you say.but im trying to limit myself,AS coming soon,chemistry is very screwed up...Cant Think of anymore to do,will 'try' post more soon.haha.

Eric 'Raptor' Lim

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bored...very bored..

Hey people.Its been 20 days again since my last post.haha.Well what with the chinese new year celebrations and laziness =p ,its been hard to blog XD.But yeah, as kel said theres been little going on lately.This puts most people in a moody 'phase' or attitude.The current weather is also not helping.-.-.I mean, it rains almost every morning,and its cold,very cold in school.=\,but we cant do anything about that...

Well.Chinese new year was kinda a blast,although there were no open houses at my grandparents places as my grandmother passed away last year,on my mum's side and my great grandmother pass away last year also on my father's side..sooo it was not as fun as the previous years but still fun at my friends places.Went to jen hao's,Dan's and calvin's during the CnY.Then next big event was dan's birthday.Haha gambling as usual there.Jia yun and Jon Tee won a lot there that nite...sooo luckyy.triples all the way.haha.i lost a lot at jen hao's...40+ =\.Didnt win anything at calvin's.oh yeah i learned rummy at cal's haha,i sort of get it now.these were the only events worth mentioning...and well as most know already,i got my psp,nice light bluee =),got it last thursday.

Hmmm.Lately i'm been feeling fat...i have to spend more time at the gym.Dont wanna be like last time >.<.Chem's being a problem too.Lessons are boring and dull,thank goodness i'm going for tution,much more reliable >_>.on a personal note,i find it very ....how do you say...beh song-ish,that i cant drive yet..I cant wait,man.seriously,its not nice always having to depend on people bringing you around.I mean its fine every 3 days or so but you just dont want to trouble them..And besides most people go out at night during which they have transport and i dont, so i always have to go back early nad miss out on some fun =(.Heck,Have to wait a few more months but it seemsss so longgg.oh well..

Eric 'Raptor' Lim

Monday, February 18, 2008


After being away for some time off the blooger, I'm finally back. Writer's block so yea, and I got a lot of things to think about. One of them was rather depressing; my future.

Friend: What do you wanna be in the future?

Me: (Utter silence)

Seriously, it's that sad. After coming back from school the other day, I lie on my bed and thought of what I could be with my subjects; English, Business studies, economics and geography. I could become something that has got to do with business studies and economics but that would mean that I've wasted my time taking up geography when I could just go for maths. Ah well, I always wait for what the future holds for me anyways.

Well, results and what-not were out last month and now the intake for the lower six students are done and over soo next monday is the day when they finally get to study in pte. One word: Traffic. Hate them lots especially when I'm late for school, even though I live about 5-10 minutes away by driving but it's still the same with traffic.

Watched Jumper last friday, the day after it's premiere. It wasn't bad actually, I liked the action scenes. Won't spoil much for you ppl who haven't watched it yet.And of course, this year's cny is the year of the rat. Like my uncle said during my open house, I quote; "A great year to kill lots of rats :D ".

Lately, school's been boring these days, nothing much to talk about, just sit around during break and lunch. Everyone is nowhere to be found and I tend to be meeting ppl I rarely met and talk to these days because of boredom. Other than studying and doing my h/w, whenever I'm free, I do what's best for my health: standing around -.- . Well, this is merely nothing more than an update and I realised that the music section is out of our blog. I was about to update it just now when I couldn't find it at all. Btw, sorry for the delays of updating, seems that way because there's nothing interesting at all so the updates are slooooow.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


HELLO people..As most already know the AS results are out =D =D..which is about time....they withheld it for so long ...stupid M.o.E.....My results are 2As and a C.C fors bio =\,damn it,i was expecting an A or B,then turns out my EAS got an A instead when i thought i didnt really do that well for it =S.My other A is maths..yeshhhh =D.This year maths i hope its quite secure,with my A grade pulling me up.oh well,maybe im retaking bio this year and taking chemistry as well.hmmm...Chemistry gonna be a problem...>.<

A lot of my friends scored good for their AS,ranging from Cs to As.Congratulations to all those who scored credits and distinctions =D =D.Hope this year will be the same,high scores to everyone!!there was one guy in Md though,he took 3 subs and failed all of them??!!i mean its like he did not study at all...'kai lui' nia...throwing money away -.-".ah well,Had a bio test today,some questions were hard,=\ rushed the essay or else not enough time to finish...hope i get credit..

Soon,there be 'little' people running about in school XD haha,BEs are coming soon.Registration for lower six just opened.oh yeah,i'll be having 2 P.Ss HAHA YES.
Can relax more =D.But i should concentrate on chem,haha,if i can =).Anyways,CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO SCORED CREDITS AND DISTINCTIONS IN THEIR AS again.ahahha

Eric 'raptor' Lim

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Its been...well long..XD

Hey hey.lolx finally blogging again.its been what? 20 days?Just gona be blogging about today.=\.nothing worth mentioning in the past days.Besides some event s at school,mostly assemblies,which i skipped aloong with my friends who wont be named XD.Today there was another assembly,a prize award ceremony.Chung sun is the top student of the school.Xiong made it into the top ten,haha.there were multiple awards,top ten best,best student of tutor group,best subject score,etc.Chung sun and chi haw had a lot to carry.lol.they won like what 4+ awards each?-.-.the awards were way beter than SaS ones.Made of glass with the words engraved upon it,nicely shaped and made too.The assembly ended early unexpectedly,thought it was gonna be like what 2hours?? instead it was just 45 min- 1 hr.i went to Jeff's house for a gambling bout at aroundnd 3.45,there were me, kuok,dan ,ricky,roger,king,jeff,tee.In the end ,i lost 10 dollars -.-,Roger was chong in skk.Lost bad in what just 4 rounds?stopped before it got worse.Tee lost the most i tink.kasihan tee,paying doubles when he was suppose to win =\ veliii soii.lolx.went back at 6.haha that was what happened today.lolz.tomorow have pracs,gona finish early =) 2.30.can gym finally.Then off to tution.haiz.Then for the nite,dunno whats gona happen.Dan they all gona decide tmolo,gona tag along with them.This would be all for now,hopefully. XD

Eric 'raptor' Lim